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  1. How can I disable the tasks/weather/birthdays in the Day View?

  2. Adding a widget to your home screen

  3. Adjusting the font sizes

  4. Advanced Task Management

  5. Birthday Calendar

  6. Calendar groups/categories

  7. Calendars & Task lists selection

  8. Can I add emoticons to my events/tasks?

  9. Can I dim the bright calendar colors?

  10. Can I have a quick add icon for new tasks/events?

  11. Changing size of Favorites Bar

  12. Changing the language

  13. Conference calls

  14. Customizing calendar background colors

  15. Customizing ongoing notifications

  16. Customizing reminders

  17. Customizing snooze function

  18. Day Pro Widget

  19. Do I have to buy again after purchasing the old BC Pro?

  20. Drag & Drop

  21. Favorite Bar

  22. Floating Action Button (FAB)

  23. History & Auto-completion

  24. Home Time Zone

  25. How can I access another widget size?

  26. How can I add public holidays to my calendar?

  27. How can I add school holidays to my calendar?

  28. How can I categorize and color code my events?

  29. How can I customize a widget?

  30. How can I delete unwanted calendars?

  31. How can I make the app icon show the current date?

  32. How can I sync my Google tasks with BC 2?

  33. How can I synchronize my calendar with Google, Outlook, Exchange etc.?

  34. How can I synchronize my calendar(s) automatically?

  35. How can I turn events to tasks and vice versa?

  36. How do I clear the calendar storage?

  37. How do I upgrade to the pro version?

  38. How to get the beta version of Business Calendar 2

  39. I am not able to see past and future events in BC 2

  40. I paid for pro, but I didn't receive it

  41. I paid for the app, but I lost the pro features

  42. I prefer military time instead of 12-hour clock. How can I change it?

  43. I see my Outlook events in the Outlook app, but not in BC

  44. I would like to edit or delete a single event of a series but I don't get that option!

  45. Import & export of app settings

  46. Import & export of birthdays

  47. Import & export of calendars

  48. Import & export of task lists

  49. Import & export of widget settings

  50. Introducing the different views

  51. Link Private Contact

  52. Most important settings for the beginning

  53. Multi-selection

  54. My calendar data is suddenly gone. How can I recover it?

  55. Overview of the reminder pro features

  56. Overview of the widget pro functions

  57. Overview of widget types

  58. Reminders are automatically added to every newly created event

  59. Search

  60. Setting standards for new events, tasks & birthdays

  61. Setting start and end of the day

  62. Setting the first day of the week

  63. Setting the standard view

  64. Switching theme

  65. Sync across devices

  66. Templates

  67. Themes and Background Colors

  68. Using the Agenda View

  69. Using the Create & Edit View

  70. Using the Day View

  71. Using the Detail View

  72. Using the Invite View

  73. Using the Month View

  74. Using the Tasks View

  75. Using the Week View

  76. Using the Year View

  77. Voice Input

  78. Weather

  79. What steps should I take when switching/resetting my phone?

  80. Why are my reminders not working?

  81. Why does Business Calendar 2 need all the different permissions?

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