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Weather Feature

Business Calendar 2 offer you various possibilities to facilitate your planning. A weather can be an important aspect when creating for example events for outdoor activities. That is why in Day, Month and Agenda View as well as in Day Pro Widget, we implemented the weather information. The current forecast is displayed according to your location, which assures a higher probability of the prevision. Your weather data will include temperature, humidity and insolation.

How to enable the weather forecast in the app?

First of all go to → BC 2 Settings → Views → Day → and check the → Show weather option. The weather should automatically load in your Day View. This also activates the forecast for →Agenda and → Month View. Tho make it visible in those views, you just need to click on the corresponding check box in the settings of that particular view.

Hint 1: If you click on →Location for weather, you will be able to manually set up the location for your forecast. Please use this option as well, when the automatic location detection is not loading.

The weather should load automatically. Should that not happen, you may need to restart your device.

Hint2: You can change the temperature unit in the setting → views → day.

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