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Import & export of birthdays

Import & export of birthdays

Business Calendar 2 can be used to import/export your birthdays, anniversaries, name days etc.. The feature is important, if you don’t want to synchronise your contacts, as it allows you to back the information this way up. The import/export birthdays feature gives you the possibility to create your own local backup on the device, on your computer or in the cloud.

1. Open Business Calendar 2 and pull out the navigation drawer from the left, click → Settings here

2. Click → Maintenance now

3. Firstly will export a birthday calendar, therefore please click → Export birthdays (If you want to import just jump to number #6 )

4. Select the calendar type you wish to export

5. Here you can set the properties for your birthdays' export, i.e. one or multiple calendar type, storing the iCal ­file to the device or sending it via mail. Complete the process by tapping → Export at the bottom of the screen.

6. To import the backed up birthday file click → Import birthdays in the → Settings under → Maintenance.

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