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I paid for pro, but I didn't receive it

You upgraded to the pro version of BC 2 in-app (black icon with BC/30) and yet you couldn't download any pro software? Please consider, that in this version of the app itself doesn't change. You don't get to download another app either. The pro features are enabled directly in the app. The 'Go pro' bar in the menu drawer disappears, when the whole pro package is bought. Apart from the bar you can always check, if the pro features are active (please compare here). If so, it means that the pro is correctly unlocked.

Hint: In some countries, there is also a separate pro app (red icon with BC/30), which is the solution for those users who can't use the IAP system for obtaining the pro license. If you have this license, you download the pro app separately directly from store with all its pro functions.

Please also remember that the app developers are not responsible for the purchase process and for the unlocking of the licenses. All this is done by your app store.

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