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Business Calendar 2 provides you with two different search functionalities:

1. If you quickly need to look for an event on your agenda, you can use the search in view option. It instantly searches for your event(s) in the view that you’re currently in. You can use the feature in every view available (month, week, year, agenda and day view). You access it from the drop down menu in the action bar or from the Floating Action Button (provided you included this option in the FAB’s settings). Then you click on the search field in the action bar and type in the searched word or phase with the keyboard that popped up. The events, that correspond to what you looked for, will remain in the view, while all others will be faded out.

Hint: Please note, that with this option you search only through the events and tasks that are currently visible in your calendar view.

2. If you, however, need to go through the whole agenda with its past and future events, you should use the instant search integrated in the navigation drawer. After tapping on the  → search, the view an empty list with an input field is presented. The keyboard is opened automatically upon the start. This way immediately you can start with your search. Just enter your desired words, letters numbers or sentences and the Business Calendar will search your database and refresh the list after every tap on your keyboard. The search period is timely restricted for the reasons of performance, but you can always command the calendar to search further in the past/ future with the buttons provided.

Hint: Please note, that not only the title is included in the search. The description of an event is scanned and listed, too.

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