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I see my Outlook events in the Outlook app, but not in BC

To display Outlook events in BC, it is necessary to establish the sync directly, via Exchange or sync completely locally:

1. Business Calendar now has its own sync functions which provide you with direct and unrestricted sync. This means you can log in the account directly in the app in  → calendars & task listslogin icon in the action barMicrosoft

We made sure that the process is straightforward and easy. A cherry on top you are not restricted by the device number or sync period limitation (more information in #2 and here). Furthermore, you can sync where Android reaches its limitations e.g. color categories

In case you require some additional information on the topic don’t hesitate to read here and here.

2. If you want to rely on Android sync with an Exchange-server please add the Exchange-account to your system settings. Therefore please open the Android system settings  Accounts and sync  Add account  Microsoft Exchange/Active Sync and type in your log-in data and proceed. Please make sure, that the sync of calendars is activated.

Please remember, that here BC doesn't use its own sync abilities, but those provided by Android. Therefore it is not responsible for any sync issues you may have on the device. If you have general problems with the sync on your device, please refer to this help article.

Please also make sure that your phone is not on battery saving mode. In some cases, you will also need to check the Outlook App and make sure that the calendar sync is also activated in the count settings there. Otherwise Outlook may back the sync on the device. Finally, keep also in mind that Outlook Sync is limited. Outlook allows a maximum of 10 phones (devices) to sync between.

Alternatively you can sync the data locally: If you want to sync with Outlook over an USB-cable/WLAN/Bluetooth, you will need a sync-software like the one that comes with your device or an external one like for example "MyPhoneExplorer".

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