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Voice Input

Did you know that speaking the events can be way faster than typing? With the voice input feature in Business Calendar, you can speak your event/task details directly to your calendar. The English, German, French and Japanese languages are currently supported.

How do I activate the voice input mode?

In the input mask of the new event/task, you will find a little microphone icon, which starts the recording of your event/task details. Once you click on it, speak the information clearly and without interruptions out, e.g. “Meeting on Monday at 8 am”.

Hint 1: Please remember that you will have to speak in the same language your phone/app is set to.

Hint 2: If you want to add some more information, you forgot to speak the first time, you can click on the microphone again. The already recognized input will not be wiped out.

What data can I speak up to my BC?

BC will be able to set the title and recognize the start and end time /date. It will also enter the location provided and will add the description. It will set the repetition and reminder to your events/task.

Hint: The voice input engines may not always be able to assign the data to the proper categories. To make sure the information is added to the proper field, you may always precede the information with the keywords.

The keywords: title, location, description, reminder.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples for the categories:

1. Entering the start and end date:

- Meeting tomorrow
- Meeting in a week, in 2 days
- Meeting on the 27th. of July
- Meeting on Sunday
- Meeting next week on Saturday

2. Entering the start and end time:

- Meeting at 5 o’clock
- Meeting from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
- Meeting at 3.30 p.m.
- Meeting at 12 p.m. for 2 hours
- Meeting at noon

3. Adding the repetition:

- Meeting every Sunday
- Meeting every second week on Monday
- Meeting every first Wednesday of the month
- Meeting every month on the 20th.

4. Adding a reminder:

- Reminder 10 minutes before
- Reminder on start of the event

5. Entering location:

- Meeting location 123 Broadway, New York
- Meeting in Baker Street 221 B, London
- Conference at the office 007

6. Adding description:

- Description don’t forget to take files 

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