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Using the Day View

The day view shows all events of a selected day. Apart from showing your daily agenda in bar view, it will also provide information about the weather (only for today or a week ahead), your tasks and anniversaries. Furthermore it gives you some features of the week view including the pinch to zoom and the drag and drop mode.

Creating a new event

To create a new event either tap on an empty space of the current day or hit the add-new-event-button at the top right. If you like the first method please make sure to tap the slightly transparent and temporary new event again to open the input mask. If set to appear in the view, you can also use the Floating Action Button to add new entries.

Changing start and end time or duration of an event

To change these parameters of an event just long tap it. Now two time select handles will appear. One at the top and one at the bottom of the event. While moving the one on the top edits the start time, moving the one at the bottom will change the end time. You can also move the entire event and retain the duration. Therefore just tap and hold to drag and drop it to another position on this day. Finish the whole process by tapping the check mark button at the top left.

Hint: If you don't like the change, you can also tap the back-button at the top right of the drag and drop mode in order to undo all the changes.

Deleting an event

Deleting an event is easy, too. Just long tap the event you want to remove and the drag and drop mode will start. Now hit the trash icon at the top right to erase it.
If you want to restore it for any reason just hit the back-button at the top right before leaving the drag and drop mode.

Using Multi-selection

With this handy tool you can mark multiple events and tasks and apply actions to all of them at once. You can activate it via the drop down menu in the upper left corner. Once activated, you select the entries by tapping on them and choose an action you want to perform.

We described the functionality in more details here.

Working with tasks

In the day view you will notice the tasks in the same way as in the week view. Furthermore there is a task-field in the special side-bar on the right. It allows you to quickly add tasks, to change the status and to open the details of a task.

Hint: in the  → Settings  → Views  → Day, you can choose sort order for both your main tasks and subtasks.

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