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Import & export of app settings

Business Calendar 2 allows you to export and import all of your app-specific settings, such as templates, calendar colors, theme properties. It may be a helpful feature if you have to reinstall the application after a factory reset of your device, for example. 

Hint: you need to back up your widget settings separately as described here

1. Open Business Calendar 2 and pull out the navigation drawer from the left, click → Settings here

2. Click → Maintenance now

3. First of all we will export settings, therefore please click → Export settings

(If you want to import settings just jump to number #5) 

4. Here you can set the properties for your settings export, i.e. templates only. Furthermore you can save the file to your device or send it via mail. Complete the process by tapping → Export at the bottom of the screen.

5. To import settings click → Import settings in the maintenance-screen

6. Business Calendar 2 scans important and accessible places on your storage for priorly exported BC2 setting-files. Import the chosen file by tapping the Import-button at the bottom of the page.

Hint: If you want to include certain setting categories only you can also select your favorite ones in the import screen.

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