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History & Auto-completion

Business Calendar 2 offers you history and auto-completion features. Those are two useful tools, which facilitate the process of adding/editing information to your events to your events and tasks. You will find it in the → Create&Edit View of every event and task.


You can use the history feature while adding titles, location and attendees (the latter applies to events only). You can access it by clicking the small button at the right of the field. By clicking it, you will access a list of the items you previously added to your events and tasks.

If the history is empty, you are advised to fill the history automatically from available events/tasks from your database.

Please remember, that the Business Calendar 2 will automatically fill the history, if you enter a new event, location or attendee. Once the history is filled with items, you can use the icons provided in the action bar to load suggestions from other calendars or to clear the history list completely. You can also choose the sort order by opening the drop down menu in the upper left corner.

Long pressing an item in the history list allows you to singularly edit that item (e.g. if you once made a letter mistake) or to delete that one particular entry from the list.

Hint:  in the attendee field you can choose the emails from the list by using the checkbox icon provided. When you click on the OK-Button all of the chosen people will be added as attendees to the event you currently create.

Auto-complete function

The auto-complete function gives you the suggestions for your titles, attendees and location (PRO) while typing in. 

The suggestions for titles are based on the past titles you entered to the calendar i.e. history, from the phone contacts (provided the contact permission is granted) or from the saved templates.

The attendee auto-completion is bases attendee history and the emails associated with the account. 

The location is auto-completed on your phone contacts addresses (if the user has granted the contact permission), from the location history or from the real existing addresses. 

Please remember, that different suggestions will pop up depending on the number of the letters you typed.

Please note, that the attendee feature will automatically work, while the auto-completion feature for titles and location needs to be enabled in the Business Calendar 2 → Settings  → Create & Edit. You will find the check boxes to activate it for titles (→ Auto-complete title) and location (→ Auto-complete location).

Hint 1: While typing a title, you can click on the provided icons in order to automatically add an associated contact or attendee to your event or task.

Hint 2: If your location suggestions are not precise, please make sure to set the location manually up (Settings Views Day Location for Weather now works also for location). You may also want to remember to choose Points of interest in Create & Edit  as well as grant the location permission in Android Settings.

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