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Using the Month View

The month view gives you a quick graphical or textual overview of an entire month including the beginning of the following month and the ending of the previous one. You will also get a more detailed textual presentation of the events and tasks when tapping a day of interest.

Switching between textual and graphical view

Our Month view allows you to switch between a textual and a graphical presentation of your events. To switch between both please use the corresponding button within the action bar of the Business Calendar.

Creating a new event

There are three different ways to create a new appointment within the month. First you may use the add-new-event-button at the top right of the screen. If no day is chosen, tapping this button will create a new event for today, directly. If a specific day has been chosen priorly, you will have the opportunity to create a new event on this day.
In the second place you can click on a specific day to open a small pop-up-window. This pop-up comes with a tiny plus-button. Clicking it will open the input mask for new events. If you set your FAB to allow the event/task creation, you can use it for that purpose as well.
Last but not least just long-tap on the desired day to bring up the input mask for new events immediately.

Hint 1: If you try to create an appointment on an "empty" day just tap inside and you will notice that the Business Calendar is showing a suggestion for a new event. Tap it again and the input mask is being opened.

Hint 2: In the settings views month → you can set the swipe left/right gesture to open either multi-day view or to create a new event with selected days.

Editing an event

To edit an event just look for the event you want to modify and tap the corresponding day. In the pop-up-window perform a long-tap on the event and the edit screen will open immediately.

Using advanced actions (PRO)

To start the advanced actions mode, please use the → wrench icon. In this mode you can quickly copy, delete and reschedule events and tasks directly from the popup. Furthermore you can mark events as cancelled. Cancelled events will be crossed out and you won’t get reminders for them. If you reschedule the event, the cancelled state will be automatically revoked.

Creating & Using templates

The popup of the month view gives you also the possibility to quickly create events based on your templates.

If you have never used templates before, you will be prompted with the Template Setup Assistant. The function allows you to quickly add templates based on the suggestions from your mostly added events. Just select templates to create with the checkboxes provided. Clicking on the pencil icon you will also be able to additionally edit them.

If you already have templates added, just click on the template icon in the popup and choose a template from the list to add the event directly to your calendar. Click on a template title to open the edit view and add further details to the new event. Long press a template in that list to edit it.

Scrolling and interacting

Scrolling works continuously. Short and direct vertical swipes will snap in the beginning of the next or previous month. Moreover rather long and extensive vertical swipes allow you to scroll very smooth between two months. On top of that you can also hold your finger on the screen and swipe gradually by weeks.

To open the day view please double tap the desired day or hit the amount of events summarization (i.e. "4 EVENTS") in the pop-up.

Did you know that there is a very easy and intuitive way to open a certain time frame in the week view of Business Calendar 2 as well? To do it, pick the month (or months) of your time frame first. Tap and hold your finger onto the beginning (i.e. 7th of October) and move it to the end (i.e. 11th of October). After removing the finger off your display the week view is opened in the chosen time frame. You can choose up to 14 days to display in the multi-day/week view.

Hint: In the settings  views month → you can set the swipe left/right gesture to open either multi-day view or to create a new event with selected days.

Creating tasks

To create a new tasks please follow the general rules of the topic "Creating a new event" to proceed to the input mask. Here please tap on the calendar name on the top to choose the task icon and the task list.

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