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Why are my reminders not working?

Do you happen to have the reminders not popping up at all? Or maybe you get your notifications randomly?

Please note, that there are various settings both in BC 2 and in your Android, that may influence the functioning of the reminder feature.

Important settings in BC 2 

When in BC 2 first of all check, if the reminder feature is activated at all. You can do it in the Settings → Reminder → General  Reminder mode  Status bar alarm/Popup.

Remember also to always keep your calendars with reminders activated/visible in the app. Only then your OS will receive the information to fire the reminders. The Android will not activate any notification from a calendar, which is not visible in BC. To do it, please use the Favorite Bar or activate the color box icon in → Calendars & task lists

In Calendars & task lists → pencil icon, please make also sure, that you didn't deactivate the reminders for that particular calendar.

General Android System settings rules

If you happen to have Android 8+ device, please make also sure that the settings for the Android notification categories/channels are correct. These Android settings are superior to the app settings and may overwrite your - in any other case - correctly set up BC 2. You can access the settings directly from → BC 2 Settings → Reminder → General → Reminder mode → Android notification settings.

When it comes to Android settings, there are various elements which can contribute to the malfunctioning of the reminder feature. They are very device specific (see the following section), but as a rule of thumb you can assume, that your reminders will not play, when a battery optimization mode is activated. Android kills the reminders in order to prolong the life of your battery. So please make sure, that BC 2 is added to not optimized apps in the Android settings. Usually you will find it under → Battery.

On the Android 8+ devices it is necessary to allow BC to run in the background. This in Android OS Settings → Apps → App-Info → BC 2 → Battery → Background activity

If you have Android 13+, please make sure that the app has the notification permission granted in Android OS Settings → Apps → App-Info → BC 2 → Permissions.

*** As a side note: please remember, that Android 10+ devices don’t allow to open popups when an app isn’t actively used. That is why we can’t show the reminder popups automatically anymore. You are still be able to execute actions directly from the notification. If you have multiple reminders, you can click on them to manually open the popup.

Overview of the detailed settings for single manufacturers

Samsung: On those devices there is a setting to hibernate the apps. It is a new optimization setting of Samsung. If your reminders are not working, it is probably because your BC got added to that mode. In the Settings → Device Maintenance → Battery → Unmonitored Apps, you should add BC to the list of unmonitored apps. Don't forget to disable the battery saving mode as well and reboot the device. If you have Android Pie (or higher) installed, make sure to disable → Put unused apps to sleep and → Auto-disable unused apps to prevent killing the background processes by the system.

Sony: if you’re failing to see reminders on your Sony device, it is most probably because the stamina mode is activated. To disable it, go to the → Settings → Battery → Menu → Battery optimization and add BC 2 to not optimized apps.

Huawei: there are various settings to bear in mind on Huawei devices. First in the → Settings → Advanced settings → Battery manager → Protected app, look for BC and add it to the list of protected apps. Further in the → Settings → Apps → Advanced → Battery optimizations, you should exclude BC from being optimized. This way BC will be ignored in the process of saving the life of the battery. Also in the → Settings → Notification panel & status bar → Notification center → BC 2, you should activate both  → Allow notifications and → Priority display. You may want to restart your device afterwards. On Huawei Lite devices you may also want to allow BC to start automatically. This in the → Android OS Settings → Apps → BC → Battery → Auto-start. Remember as well to uninstall the PowerGenie app, which kills all apps not whitelisted on Huawei devices. You can see how to do it for example here.

Xiaomi, Redmi: Firstly as usual disable the battery saving mode. This in the → Settings → Additional Settings → Battery and Performance → Manage apps’ battery usage → turn the mode off. Then you will have to enable the auto-start of BC. To do so open the → Security app → Permissions → add BC to auto-start. Finally, summon the → Task Manager → BC → drag it downwards until the padlock icon appears. Restart your device.

OnePlus: The not working reminders on the device have to do with a battery management function. To solve the issue, go to the Settings → Battery → Battery Optimization → Menu icon → All apps → click on BC → and choose the command → Don’t optimize.

Asus: You will have to allow BC to start automatically in the background, otherwise the auto-start manager will block the alarms. To do so, open → Auto-start manager and  allow BC to start automatically in the background.

Nokia: Make sure the app is unrestricted in the Android OS settings →Apps → Business Calendar 2 → Battery → Unrestricted.

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