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What steps should I take when switching/resetting my phone?

Changing/resetting your phone might be stressful. In this article you will find information which will help you go through this process without losing data in your calendar.

While switching/resetting the phone you should bear 3 points in mind:

1. The pro license 

You don't need to pay twice. Please make sure, that you use the same market and the same account as for the initial purchase with your first device. Only then the market will remember you as a real owner of the application and will let you download it again for free to the new or reset devices. The license is normally valid forever without any time or download limit.

In case of further problems, take a look here.

2. The data back-up

Do you sync your calendar(s)? If so, just make sure, that the data is correctly synced over to the servers of the sync partner, and it will appear on your new/reset device once you add the account. More detailed information here.

If you, however, have some local calendars, you should remember to back them up as described here.

The same applies to tasks: if you sync them, just make sure your data is synced and simply log in with the same account (info here) and/or back up your local lists (take a look here).

You can also back up birthdays two-ways: a) by syncing your contact information (more details here) or  b) by manually exporting the local data (please refer here).

3. The back-up of app and widget settings

You may also want to back up your personal app and widget settings ( see here and here correspondingly), so that you don't have to customize them from the scratch.

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