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How can I synchronize my calendar with Google, Outlook, Exchange etc.?

Business Calendar is using the Android calendar database and the built-in synchronization functionality of the Android operating system to sync with supported partners, i.e. Google or Microsoft Outlook. Therefore you have to establish the sync with these partners in the Android system settings first. This means all events that have been created using Business Calendar can also be viewed with any other calendar application, that is accessing the Android calendar database (e.g. the stock calendar app) and vice versa. Please also remember, that the layout of the system settings may vary on different devices.

1. Open the → Android system settings, scroll down to the menu item → Accounts and click on it

2. Click on → Add account

3. Choose the account type you want to add (e.g. Google as highlighted in the screenshot below)

4. Enter the account information to set up your account. For Google accounts you can also create a new one here

Hint 1: If you use BC 2 on Chromebook, Windows 11 or Google-free Huawei devices, you add the account directly in BC calendars & task lists →  calendars.

When you successfully have entered the account information, your device and Business Calendar are ready to communicate with the newly added account. If the auto-sync functionality of your device is enabled, it will start to pull the information of this account from the servers.

To synchronize with another account type just choose your favorite one similar to screenshot #3. If the desired account type is not available on your device, it may be possible that you have to install the corresponding application first. Note that certain account types (e.g. DAV sync) may require a third-part app to perform the sync process.

Hint 2: If you already added the account for sync and experience some problems syncing the calendar, please verify if your Android Stock Calendar has the same issue. If yes, it might be a general sync error and it might help to remove and re-add the affected account to your device. You can also follow the article here. If you have problems syncing an Outlook/Exchange account, you may also want to check this article.

Hint 3: If your account is set up correctly and you still are not able to sync, please verify if the calendar sync is enabled in the account settings. If not, enable it with the icon provided. If you don't see the option at all, you will have to install Google Calendar app on some devices.

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