Favorite Bar

The Favorite Bar is located at the bottom of every Business Calendar view. It shows your calendars which have been highlighted as a favorite in the calendar menu.

Furthermore the favorite calendar bar allows to quickly hide other favorites except for one. Therefore please long-tap the calendar you want to focus in the month or week view. If the long press was successful every other calendar will disappear and you can have an undisturbed view over a certain calendar, i.e. the "Work" calendar in the following screenshot.


If you want to add or remove favorite calendars you have to access the calendar menu of the Business Calendar first.

1. open the Business Calendar 2 and the navigation drawer by swiping from the left edge of the screen, choose  → Calendars & Task lists


2. every calendar with a filled star-icon is currently highlighted as favorite, any change will appear in the favorite calendar bar immediately


Please remember that there are several different customization features for the favorite bar, i.e. you can change the size as described here

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