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Using the Agenda View

The Agenda View is a chronological list of all your events, usually starting on the current day. The entire list is smoothly scrollable and you can select multiple events at the same time.

Creating a new event

To create a new event either tap on the tiny plus-button right at the top of every day or hit the add-new-event-button at the top right. If set to appear in the view, you can also use the Floating Action Button to add new entries.

Editing and deleting an event

To highlight an event just tap on the big colored square in front of every event or long tap the event text. You will notice that the square turns into a checkmark which indicates that it has been chosen properly. Now you are ready to delete or edit it by tapping the corresponding buttons at the top right.

Hint: If you click on the menu icon, you will discover other actions such as move, copy, cancel, print etc.

Multi-selection feature

As already mentioned in the introduction the agenda view allows you to select multiple events, one at a time. Therefore just tap on the colored square in front of every event you want to select. You will notice that the square will turn into a grey check mark and the counter on the top will add one item. If you select more than one item, you can delete them all at once or you can share them with something or somebody.
To finish the multi-selection, please hit the →check mark button at the top left or unselect every single item.

Hint: You can activate the icons in the view. They will appear in the place of the color box. More information here.

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