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Can I have a quick add icon for new tasks/events?

Can I have a quick add icon for new tasks/events?

If you need a button to quickly add events and tasks to your calendar, you can use the 1 x 1 widget for that purpose. Without the need of entering the app you will be able to create new events and tasks.

Alternatively (if you device supports it) you can long press the app's icon and you will see the shortcuts to add an event or a task.

How to customize the widget?

You add the widget as any other widget to your home screen (if you don’t know how to do it, see here).

Hint: If you want one shortcut to add an event and another for task, you will need to add two 1 x 1 widgets.

Here are some important settings:

1. You need to decide what the widget should open. You will have to open the → Widget settingsGeneral Widget opens →  and decide between → Create event  or → Create task accordingly.

2. If you don’t need any additional information under the icon, please remember to select the option in the widget → SettingsAdvancedText under icon shows No text.

3. Furthermore you can personalise your widget

… you can add a shadow …

…change different sizes …

… or colors and transparency

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