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Customizing reminders

Reminders are very important to keep you posted about future events and tasks. In Business Calendar 2 we distinguish between pop-up reminders (to make it simpler we say pop-up reminders, but the status bar notifications are thought along here) and ongoing notifications. While the ongoing notifications appear in your notification drawer permanently, the event reminders will only appear in defined times prior to the start time of an event.

The following article concentrate on the pop-up* reminders. Contrary to the almost read-only ongoing notification, the pop-up reminders are very interactive. You can snooze and dismiss them, mark tasks as done directly from the pop-up or view (and further edit) the event/task by clicking the title in the pop-up.

1. To activate the reminder, open the Business Calendar 2 navigation drawer and hit → Settings

2. Select → Reminder here

3. Tap on → General 

Here you will get a lot of different other preferences to configure including the → Vibrations, → Repetitions, →  LED notification (if available on your device) and the → Notification sound.

4. Choose the → Reminder mode and decide about the mode of notification*.

* the pop up setting does not apply to Android 10+ devices, because they don’t allow to open pop ups when an app isn’t actively used.

Hint: To select an alarm to snooze/dismiss it, you just need to check the color/time box (it works as well for multiple reminders as well) in the pop-up window and proceed with the actions.

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