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Overview of widget types

Overview of widget types

Business Calendar 2 offers you 7 own widgets of different types. You can either use them to quickly preview your agenda or as a way to launch the application. The following article gives you a preview and short description of all widgets provided in BC 2. It is only a general overview of the functionalities, further information on the widget customization can be found here.

Agenda Widget

The Agenda Widget shows you the preview of your current events and task. Similarly to the Agenda View in the app, it presents you the events and task in the form of a list. It is also scrollable, which gives you the possibility to preview the future entries.

Day List Widget

The widget contains two main elements: the current date and the list of your events and tasks. You can choose to show only today’s events or a few following days. You can also set the date format (in the list element) to count down the days remaining to a particular event.

Day Pro Widget

This widget is only available for the pro users. It includes the view of the current day, weather, birthdays and tasks similarly to the calendar’s day view. More information on the widget can be found here.

Icon Widget

The 1 x 1 widget shows you the app icon and can give information about the current date (here the information how to set up the widget), event number of the day or the title of the next event. It can also be used as a quick launch icon for new event and/or task (more information on the customization here).

Month Widget

Similarly to the calendar Month View, this widget gives you an overview of the current month (including the past and following month’s week). It can show the event information either as a text or as bars. The built in icons allow you to quickly jump to next previous months.

Task Widget

This widget is a list preview of your tasks. You can decide how the tasks should be ordered here and you can postpone, create or mark tasks as done directly from this widget.

Week Widget

The week widget presents you the events and tasks for the current week (or the number of the days you decide to show). With the built-in icons you can also view the upcoming or previous weeks. The widget can also include the hours of the day and the week day labelling.

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