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How can I categorize and color code my events?

You can categorize and color code your events by adding various calendars in Calendars & Task Lists section and assigning the colors of your choice. This can be done for both local and synced calendars. We think it is good practice to use different calendars for different kind of events (for example work events, private events, family events etc).

Furthermore it is then also possible to assign different colors to events within a single calendar. 

To change a color in Business Calendar 2,  please make use of the following instructions:

1. Please openCalendars & Task Lists

2. Click on the pencil icon

3.  Click on the color palette icon  to change color

Hint: You can back up your calendars and task lists' colors by exporting the app settings.

You can also  change the color of a calendar in the eg. Google web interface. This as follows:

1. Click on the small arrow next to a calendar of your choice and use the color picker to select a new color for this calendar

If your Android device is set up to synchronize automatically it will start to pull the new calendars of your account from the Google servers. If not you have to sync manually by opening Business Calendar 2  → menu button  → Sync now.

As already mentioned you also can use different colors for events within a single calendar. So whenever you are creating a new event within a synchronized Google calendar or a local calendar you are able to choose other colors than the default calendar color for it.

1. Please start Business Calendar 2 and go to the input mask for new events, afterwards click the color palette icon above the title field

2. The color picker allows you to choose between different colors. Note, that there are two color groups.

Please remember, that only the standard colors are supported by sync partner. The extended BC color palette may differ on various devices.
Using the extended color palette, you can select your custom colors just like you do for calendars.

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