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How do I delete calendar entries in BC?

If you want to delete an item in Business Calendar, there are various ways of approaching it:

1. You can use the detail view. There you simply click on the → bin icon provided in the action bar.

Hint: If you do not see then  icon, it means the entry belongs to a read-only calendar, which doesn’t give you the right to perform the action.

2. If you have the Drag & Drop function activated, you can use the → bin icon provided in the upper right corner

3. The Multi-selection function gives you the best opportunity to delete items in bulk. All you need to do is select items and delete them with the → bin icon provided in the function’s action bar.

4. Take advantage of the advanced actions in the Month View’s popup . To activate it click on the → gear icon and use the → bin icon to to delete an event.

5. If you want to delete the whole calendar with all its entries, you can do it in → calendars & task lists → pencil icon → bin icon.

Hint: If you do not see the bin icon, it means the you are most probably trying to delete the main Google calendar. The action is prohibited by Google, hence also not possible in BC.

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