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How do I edit calendar entries in BC?

If you want to edit an item in the calendar, there are numerous ways you can use for this approach:

1. The most common way is to use the detail view . There you simply click on the → pencil icon provided. This way you will open edit view

2. Take advantage of the advanced actions in the month view’s popup. To activate it click on the → gear icon and use the → reschedule icon next to the title of the every you want to assign to the different time & date.

3. Edit directly from the day and week view. All you need to do is to activate the option in the settings → views → week → direct editing. This way when you tap an entry in those views, you will open the edit mode directly and skip the detail view.

4. Drag & Drop Move function gives you the opportunity to move the item to a new selected time or date, without the need to open the edit mode.

5. The Multi-selection function ggives you the best opportunity to edit multiple items all at once. All you need to do is select items and click on the → menu icon and choose any command applicable e.g. change calendar color.

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