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Most important settings for the beginning

When you start using Business Calendar 2, there may be some basic options, which you want to set up in the first place. In the following article we would like to give you some tips on the most important settings of the app.


Upon the opening of the app’s →Settings you will find the position → Times. There you will find various settings which are related to vastly understood time.

In the first place, you may want to set the day on which your week should start (i.e. for example Monday or Sunday). To do that click on the →Week starts on.

Then you may want to make sure that the app is using the correct →Week number format.  This may be a crucial setting in case you orient your work by week numbers.

In the → Times section, you will also be able to set the → start and → end of the day. If you do it, the app will be showing you events within those core hours.

Standard view

By default the standard or start view of Business Calendar 2 is set to month view. If you want to change it, start Business Calendar 2  and open the navigation drawer. Then choose Settings → Appearance  Standard view and select your individual start view. 

Set up reminder behavior 

During the initialization of the app you were asked, if you wanted to enable the reminders of Business Calendar 2. If you already did it, your reminders are set. However, you may want to change this settings later on or to change the way reminders are displayed. To do it please start Business Calendar 2 →  pull out the navigation drawer from the left of the screen →  choose Settings → Reminder  → General. You now can hit the option → Reminder mode to select between pop-up reminders* or status bar alarms (or to turn off the reminders). To change the sound of the reminders, just hit the option "Notification sound" and select your preferred melody.

*does not apply to Android 10+ devices, because they don’t allow to open popups when an app isn’t actively used.

Please verify the settings mentioned in this article, if you experience any problems with the reminder function.

Standards for new events/tasks/birthdays

This setting allows you to decide upon various parameters for new entries such as length, standard calendar or list, reminder etc. Everything you set up in this section will automatically apply to every new entry in BC and may save you a lot of time. Please read this article , to find out about all possible settings.

Overlapping events in week view

There are two different ways to display simultaneous events in the week and day view. The first option is to show the events side by side (see the left screenshot below). The second one is to show these events indented but overlapping (see the right screenshot below).

To specify the way overlapping events should be displayed, start Business Calendar 2 →  open the navigation drawer →  choose Settings →  Week → Show overlapping events and select your preferred option. 

Status visualization

In Business Calendar 2 there is an option to visualize differently the events with busy or available status. If the option is activated, all events with status available will be shown on transparent background in week and day view as indicated on the left screenshot below, while events with status busy will be shown with colored background. If the option is off (preset value) all events will be shown with colored background as indicated on the right screenshot below.

If you want to activate this feature, start Business Calendar 2 and open the navigation drawer → choose Settings → Week and check the option → Indicate status.

Android Settings

Apart from setting the app itself to your needs, you may also want to decide whether to use AM/PM or military time.

Sync setup

Beginning to work with BC 2, please make sure that your device is set to sync your calendars correctly.

Furthermore, you may want to sync your task lists and make sure both your birthdays and attachments (PRO) are set up correctly, so that the information is secured with the sync process.

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