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How can I make the app icon show the current date?

The Business Calendar 2 icon is a play between its acronym (BC) and the number 30. It will remain static and will not change. You can, however, add the 1 x 1 widget to your home screen, which will not only show you the current date, but will also open the app.

How to customize the widget?

You add the widget as any other widget to your home screen (if you don’t know how to do it, see here). Bear in mind some important settings though:

1. You need to decide which calendar view the widget should open  (→ Widget settingsGeneralWidget opens).

2. In the widget → Settings  → AdvancedText under day number shows, you decide whether to show the month’s name, a weekday or any other element from the list with options.

3. If you don’t need any additions information under the icon, please remember to select the option in the widget → SettingsAdvanced Text under icon shows No text.

4. Furthermore you can decide, if you want to see the leading ‘0’ in the one-digit dates or not...

    … you can as well add a shadow     

…change different sizes …

… or colors and transparency and many more.

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