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Birthday Calendar

Using the Birthday Calendar

The birthday calendar view gives you a quick overview of your contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries, name days and wedding days. The view gives you the possibility to sort your important days by date, age and name.

Setting up the Birthday Calendar

The birthday calendar itself does not synchronize with another sources. However, the dates are being read out from your contact app on your device. If you want to back your birthdays up, you can link your contacts to a synchronized, for example Google, account.

In order to see your birthdays in the calendar, you don’t have to do anything. They should be automatically enabled in Business Calendar.

Hint: You can select the accounts, you want to show the birthdays from. To do so, you need to open the BC 2 menu →  hit Calendars & Task lists → and choose the Birthdays tab. Under Birthday Calendar, please select the accounts you are interested in. To be able to add local birthdays (i.e. birthdays not linked to a contact), please make sure to choose the local account. If you don't do it, you will not see the local birthdays.

Selecting Contacts to the Birthday View

If you only wish to have a selected amount of birthdays displayed in the view you can individually show or hide your contacts. To select these, hit the menu button and choose the → Show/hide birthday option. Afterwards you can decide whether you want to select/deselect all contacts or use the check boxes for the personalized selection.

Hint: In the birthday tab you can also select which categories you wish to have displayed in the birthday calendar view.

Customizing your Birthdays

If you want Business Calendar to remind you of your birthdays and other anniversaries you can set it up in BC 2 general settings under  → Standards for new events/tasksBirthdaysReminder time. Here you can select the reminder times provided in the list or choose your individual ones.

Hint: If you want to be reminded ON the day of the event, please select → at 8:00/12:00  or choose → Individually and select ‘0’ days before event and your favored time afterwards.

Please note, that you can also personalize the sort order directly in the view. In the drop-down menu you can select options like date, age and name. With the button provided in the menu, you can select the sort order by ascending or descending.


Adding a birthday to your calendar

You can add new birthdays to Business Calendar with the button provided in the view.

Here you can decide whether you want the birthday to be added to an existing or new contact or created only in Business Calendar. Please note that the latter option will be stored only locally on your device, so you will need to manually back up.

Hint 1: If you want to add 1-digit dates, please hit the tick in order to proceed to the month selection.

Hint 2: You can also add birthdays directly from any calendar view. To do so, click on the calendar name in the event creation view and choose the birthday tab.

Backing up the birthday information

As mentioned before if the dates are being read out from your synchronized contacts, you don't need to back them separately up. The information is saved in the contacts and will be automatically added, once you add the account for sync on the new or reset device. 

If you, however, created only local birthdays (without a link to a synchronized contact), you will need to export the information and therefore perform a manual backup of your data. Please refer to the following article, to find out more.

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