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Customizing snooze function

With the snooze function of the Business Calendar 2 reminder you can snooze every single notification individually.

1. Open the Business Calendar 2 navigation drawer and hit → Settings

2. Select → Reminder here

3. Tap on → Snooze function

4.  Here you can adjust the general snooze Interval (applies to all the reminders present in the notification drawer/popup) and decide about the → Individual interval for selected reminders from the reminder list.

Hint 1To select an alarm to snooze/dismiss it individually, you just need to check the color/time box (it works as well for multiple reminders) in the pop-up window (or long press them) and proceed with the actions.

Hint 2: When you select → Individual interval  → always ask, you will be presented with different snooze time options every time press snooze the selected reminders.

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