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How can I share calendars with other people?

If you sync your calendars with Google, you can share them now with specific people directly from Business Calendar 2. This way the person you choose will automatically see your availability and/or other event details in their calendar. Depending on the access permissions you grant they may also be able to make changes or even manage sharing.

Sharing of calendars

To share a calendar with a person

1. Go to → Calendars & task lists

2. Click on the → pencil icon

3. Click → Share calendar with specific people and subsequently click on the → “+” icon

4. Enter the person’s email address or choose a contact from your list

5. Grant access permissions

Hint: You can choose between 4 access options:

Manager: will see both all event details and private events and will be able not only to make changes to the events/calendar. They will also be able to manage sharing and for example invite other people to share.

Writer: will be allowed to access and make changes to events. They see both all event details and private events, but don’t have the right to manage sharing.

Reader: will only be able to see event details (e.g. titles, description), but will not see private events. They don’t have rights to edit either.

Viewer: will not see any event details, but a space in the calendar, which is marked either free or occupied.

6. Finally click on the → Share button to start the sync and share the calendar.

Hint:  When you click on the → Share button, Google will automatically be sent an email message with the details and they will be able to add the calendar to their account. You can also provide them with a shareable link by clicking on the → link icon.

Changing access permissions and unsharing

Having shared a calendar you can always revoke the rights to share or change the access permissions. Next to the person’s name you will find the → pencil icon, with which you can edit the rights and the → “X” icon to unshare calendars. The person will receive an automatic email from Google about the changes being made.

Sharing without Google account

If you happen to sync with a partner other than Google, you will be able to share your calendars as well. Most of the partners (e.g. Outlook sharing) offer such options in their web versions. All you need to do is to choose people and access permissions online and the content will be shared.

Hint: Please note that it is NOT possible to share local calendars.

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