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Introducing the different views

Business Calendar 2 allows you to use 6 different views, each one with unique and ingenious features.

To switch between the available views please open the navigation drawer by swiping from the left edge of the screen or by touching the date information in the top left corner of the current view.

To get information and help about the remaining content within the navigation drawer (for example → Settings) please visit the other available Knowledge Base articles.

Year view

This view gives you an overview of a total year including a heat map which gives you an idea of how busy your days are.

Month view

Shows an entire month together with a pop-up window for some event details. You can also switch between bar and text mode for your events.

Week view

Our newly designed week view offers you an improved drag and drop mode, a very easy way to switch to month and day view and a feature to scroll vertically - within the core hours and beyond.

Day view

Now the day view gives you a quick idea of a chosen day including the current weather situation (including a forecast for up to 7 days) and the tasks for today combined with a bar view of your events.

Agenda view

The agenda view is providing a searchable list of coming and past events. Now the multi-selection tool is easier to use here.

Tasks view

The Tasks view presents an undisturbed list of all your tasks. You can choose to display all tasks of all lists or of one list only. It is possible to change the sort mode, too.

Details view

The Details view shows the complete event at a glance using a card layout to group the content.

Create & Edit view

Creating events and tasks is now more fun than before. Every element in this view has been redesigned including the dialogues and the time and date picker.

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