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Adding a widget to your home screen

Adding a widget to your home screen

This article describes how you can add a new Business Calendar 2 widget to your home screen. Widgets are used to customize your home screen and they can be seen as a standalone copy of the main application with reduced amount of data, functionality and/or configuration possibilities.

1. Look for an empty place on your home screen

2. Long press anywhere on the empty space to open an overlay, select → Widgets here

Please remember that this process may be different on other devices and home screen launchers. Maybe you can also access the available widgets by opening the application drawer and clicking the →  Widgets tab at the top left of the screen.

3. In the list of available widgets look for the Business Calendar 2 widgets, click on the preview and select one of them  

4. Now you have to drag & drop the selected widget to its initial position on your home screen. Please remember, that you can also use multiple widgets of Business Calendar 2 on your home screen.

5. Customize the selected widget type to fit it to your needs (further information here) and hit  → Save button at the top right to finish this process

If you want to change the widget type afterwards, you can also open the widget settings and use the tab at the top to open a drop-down-menu with all available widget types. After selecting one the customization screen is automatically adapted to the new type.

6. Now you should see your new Business Calendar 2 widget on your home screen.

Hint: You can discover how to change the widget size here.

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