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Calendars & Task lists selection

The Calendars & Task lists selection within the navigation drawer of the Business Calendar lets you choose the calendars and task lists you want to be displayed in the application. Furthermore you have the opportunity to add some calendars to your "favorites". If a calendar is a favourite calendar, you can quickly toggle it on and off by tapping its name at the bottom of the screen in the different calendar views. In addition to it you are allowed to add new location calendars and task lists to your database here. This is also the place where you can log in your Google account for calendar and task sync as well as log in your account for contact sync in order to read out birthdays.

Activating/deactivating calendars or tasklists

The checkboxes in front of each calendar instance and task list indicate whether it is activated or not. Furthermore they display the current calendar or task list color. Tapping the checkbox will activate it, tapping the checkmark will deactivate it.

Editing calendar and task list properties

To get access to the calendar/task list properties (i.e. name, color, custom ringtone) please tap the pencil button behind the corresponding calendar or task list.

Setting favorite calendars and task lists

To change the content of your favorite calendar bar at the bottom of the screen please use the star buttons behind your calendars and task lists within this view. A grey filled icon is displayed if the item has been selected as a favorite. You will also notice every change in the calendar bar immediately.

Creating new calendars and task lists

First of all you need to decide, you you want to create a local calendar or a calendar, that will synchronise with your Google account.
To create a new local, please scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on → Create new local calendar. Now please enter the calendar properties in the pop-up window and save everything. Your new local calendar is now ready to use. 
To create a new Google calendar, please scroll down to the bottom of the calendar list of your Google account. You will a button → New Google Calendar. Then enter your calendar information, press the save button and wait until it is created. Your new Google calendar is now ready to use.

The same applies for task lists. 

Note, that under the → Calendars tab, you will also find an option to add new calendar with public and school holidays.

Hint: If you click on the '+' button in the action bar, you will be able to view all the 'create' options available in the view.

Deleting calendars or task lists

To delete a calendar or a task list created by Business Calendar 2 please look for it in the → Calendars and Task lists selection. Now tap the pencil button behind it to open the properties of it. In the pop-up window please hit the trash button at the top right.

Hint: If you chose a write protected calendar or task list the trash button won't appear.

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