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Wear OS Companion

If you have Business Calendar 2 in the pro version, you can also use it on your watch. You will not only receive and snooze reminders on your watch, but also will be able to add events without the need of opening the app on your phone. You have a clear agenda and month view with timeline bars at your disposal.

Hint: Please check the compatibility of your device below.

Sync & Installation

To get the app on your smartwatch:

1. open the Play Store app on your watch  

2. search for -> Business Calendar

3. select our app

4. tap on -> Install

The Wear OS companion app will automatically sync with Business Calendar 2 on your phone. You will also be able to see your events and tasks if the phone isn't paired at the moment (after the first synchronization has been done).

Viewing, creating, editing & interacting

You can add new entries directly from the watch companion using the voice input function (currently available for English, German, French and Japanese).

Once added (or synced from your phone), you will be able to view them in agenda or month view with timeline bars.

As far as editing goes, you can delete and move events & tasks, as well as quickly check off tasks from within your watch.

If the event has a reminder, it will be fired one the watch and you can snooze and dismiss it directly from there.


Please take a look at the watch compatibility overview:

Wear OS 3.x (and higher) = always compatible

Wear OS 2.x = compatible with the version 2.23+

Wear OS 1.x = not compatible

Tizen (all versions) = not compatible

Android Wear (all versions) = not compatible

All other OS for smartwatches (e.g. Garmin OS) = not compatible

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