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Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop (Move) mode

The Drag & Drop mode is a powerful tool to quickly edit the time and date of events. To activate the feature you just need to long-tap a particular event once. You will notice, that the action bar has changed and that the event itself has been highlighted (it will also include two time-selection handles at the bottom and the top of the event). The two cursors can be used to change the start and the end time of the event. Please remember, that moving one of the handles won't move the other one (in easy words: changing the start time does not change the end time and vice versa).

To change the position of the event in your agenda, just tap and hold your finger on the event and move it to the desired date and time. If you made a change, you don't like at all you can also undo the last change. Therefore please hit the back-button in the top right corner. To save your changes and to leave the Drag & Drop mode just tap the arrow icon in the top left corner.

Hint: You can use the pinch to zoom functionality within the week view to magnify the content. If you zoom into the day the Drag & Drop, the functionality will snap into a much finer pattern.

Drag & Copy mode

To use the new Drag & Copy mode you have to activate it in the Business Calendar 2 settings first. Please open the navigation drawer and hit → Settings. Afterwards please go to → Views → Week and use the field → Long press event starts. Here choose Drag & Drop Copy.

After activating this feature you are ready to use the Drag & Drop functionality in week and day views to copy your events.

Hint: When you enable the new Drag & Copy in the week view settings, you can copy your events with the long press and move them with a single tap when back in week and day views. This way you can actually use the both modes simultaneously.

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