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Sometimes you may have a photo of event flyer, voice note or some text documents for a meeting, which you want to link to your calendar entry. In these situations the attachment feature can come very handy. You can add those files to your events and/or tasks and easily access them from within Business Calendar 2. What is more, you can also take a picture directly from the app and add it to the event on the go.

Setting up the accounts

In order to attach files from your cloud storage, you will need to set up the cloud accounts. This way you will also be able to sync attachments along with your events across devices. To do so please:

1. Open Settings


2. Choose Attachments


3. Sign in with the account of your choice

Hint 1: If you don't sign in, your attachment will be nonetheless added, but it will be kept only locally on that particular device. You will not be able to open them in web calendar (e.g. Google Web Calendar) or on other Android devices.

Hint 2: Please remember that the attachment function can only work properly with the storage permission granted, so don't forget to grant BC 2 this permission aforehand.

Hint 3: To delete the account, please use the provided paper bin icon next to your account name.

Adding attachments to new events & tasks

The attachment card can be found in the Create & Edit view. To add a file you simply open a new event/task and add as usual all necessary information regarding the entry. Then you scroll down to attachments and:

1. Choose whether you want to add a document, photo or a voice recording.  


Hint 1: If you don't see the microphone icon, it means your device cannot support this function.

2. Select storage from which to pick file

3. Now you can start choosing your files: just click on the file to attach it. You can also long press to open and preview it.

When you click on the multi-selection icon, the mode will be started and you can select multiple files at once.

When adding a local file (e.g. a photo stored on your phone), you will be asked to upload it to one of the authorized cloud storages to access the file on other devices. You can also choose not to upload the file and keep it only locally on the device.

In the popup you will also see an option to remember the choice for that particular calendar.

Please note, that you can set it independently for every calendar (e.g. work calendar: files stored in Dropbox, private calendar: files stored locally etc.).

If you remembered the choices, you can always reset them in the Settings Attachments Reset remembered choices.

Hint 2: To add the attachments directly in the   Detail View, please make sure you activate the option in the Settings Views Detail  Show attachment card.

Sharing attachments with event attendees

If you added an attachment file to your event with attendees, Google Drive will ask you the extent of access the person may have upon saving of the event. In the following popup you can choose whether to share attached documents with the attendees of your event or keep them privately.

If you decide to grant the file access to the guests, you can choose whether they are allowed only to view or can edit and comment on the documents as well.

Please note, that the access to the file(s) is set for every event individually and cannot be changed afterwards.

Hint: If you share a Dropbox file, the attendees will automatically get view access to it .

Managing upload folder

The files you decide to upload are saved in the “Business Calendar 2” folder per default. If you wish to change the standards for that action, please do the following:

1. Open Settings

2. Choose Attachments

3. Click on the account

4. Choose one of the existing folders or add a new one

5. Confirm the selection with the provided icon

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