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How do I copy calendar entries in BC?

If you want to copy an item in Business Calendar, there are various ways of approaching it.

1. Use the
detail view . There you simply click on the → menu icon provided in the action bar and followingly choose the command to copy.

2. Copy multiple times function gives you the possibility to quickly copy an event to various dates. This way you can also create your own irregular series of events. To use the function open the detail view and click on the → menu icon

3. Drag & Drop Copy function gives you the opportunity to copy a selected item with one simple long press.

4. The Multi-selection function gives you the best opportunity to copy multiple items all at once. All you need to do is select items and click on the → menu icon and choose a command to → copy

5. Take advantage of the advanced actions in the month view's popup. To activate it click on the → gear icon and use the → copy icon to to copy an event.

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