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Calendar groups/categories

Do you happen to have a lot of calendars and task lists, which belong to certain categories (e.g. work, home etc.)? Business Calendar 2 gives you a perfect tool to group them and therefore use the calendar even more efficiently. The groups will appear at the bottom of every view, in the → Favorite Bar .

Creating a group of calendars & task lists

In order to categorise your calendars and task lists click on the → Calendars & Task lists in the menu drawer

You will find the tab → Groups in the action bar at the top. Select it.  

Click on the → Create new group button provided in the view

Enter the group name, choose the color for the group and select the calendars, which should belong to the group. Finally save changes.

Adding a group to the Favorite Bar

As said before, your newly created groups can be added to the calendars and task lists in the → Favorite Bar or they can replace them completely.

To add them to the bar all you need to do is to click the ‘star’ icon, next to the group’s name. Please make also sure, that the ‘color box’ icon is selected. Otherwise, the calendars and task lists will not be visible in the app.

Hint: If you want to use the groups exclusively, don’t forget to disable all of the calendars/task lists/birthdays, which are currently in the bar.

Editing and deleting a group

To edit or delete an unnecessary group, you need to simply click on the ‘pencil’ icon provided next to the group's name.

There you will find the ‘recycle bin’ icon to delete the group or will be able to edit the properties of the group ( eg. title, color, calendars etc.). 

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