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How can I disable the tasks/weather/birthdays in the Day View?

The Day View shows all events of a selected day. Apart from showing your daily agenda in a bar view it will also provide information about the weather (only for today or a week ahead), your tasks and the birthdays of your contacts. 

If you want to view the daily events in the full screen mode or disable one of the elements, you will find the option in the BC 2 settings.

1. Open the app → Settings

2. Scroll to → Views and click on → Day

3. There you will find the checkmarks corresponding to each element in the panel. Uncheck all of them or just the positions, you want to exclude from your Day View.

Hint 1: Please note, that if you deactivate all 3 options, the event field will take over the full screen.

Hint 2: Please note, that if you activate birthdays only, you may see a blank panel on certain days in the Day View. The blank space appears, when there are no birthdays on the particular days.

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