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Using the Week View

The week (or better multi-day view) is providing a graphical and also textual presentation of the selected days. It is a smooth scroll- and zoomable view that can be configured to show from 1 to 14 days simultaneously.

Creating a new event

There are two different ways to add a new event. First you may use the add-new-event-button at the top right of the screen. If you are in the current week the button will automatically choose the current day for the new event. If the current day is not visible it will pick the first visible day in the week view in the input mask. You can also use the FAB, to add new event/task, if set accordingly up.

The other way to create a new event is to tap your desired time slot on a specific day. Please remember that it will only work, if you select an empty slot without any events. Tap it again and you are forwarded to the input mask for events.

Hint: If you like the latter way, you can also drag the temporary created and grey colored event around to find another position for it. Please remember that all-day events can be created in the same way.

Editing an event

To edit an event you have to open the event details view first. Therefore please tap on the event of your choice and the details screen is being opened. Here please tap the pencil-button at the top right to get access to the edit mask for this event.

Hint: you can skip the detail view by activating the direct editing option in the → settings →  views → week.

Deleting an event

To delete an event you can either access the event details screen by tapping a single event or you can activate the drag & drop mode by long-pressing the event and hitting the trashcan-button at the top right.

Scrolling and interacting

The week view in Business Calendar 2 comes with the possibility to scroll vertically or horizontally. Right at the beginning the screen presents every time slot within the chosen core hours, i.e. from 7am to 8pm. Use vertical swiping gesture to get information about items before and after the core hours.
Horizontal gesture is used to scroll to to a prior or future date. Fast scrolling automatically scrolls to the next week. Hold and slowly swipe to move the entire time frame flexibly.

At the bottom of the week view you can see the days' slider. It allows you to change the number of displayed days from 1 to 14. If you pull the slider to the left as far as it will go the day view is opened. If you pull it all the way to the right you can open the month view.

Hint 1:  A double-tap anywhere upon a day column will open the clicked day instantly.

Hint 2: If you don't like the day slider at the bottom, you can disable by clicking the menu icon in the upper right corner  → Hide days slider.

Drag & drop (move) mode

The drag & drop mode is a powerful tool to edit the time and date of events very fast. To activate the feature for an event just long-tap this particular event once. You will notice that the action bar has changed and that the event itself has been highlighted including two time select handles at the bottom and the top of the event. The two handles can be used to change the start and the end time of the event. Please remember that moving one of the handles won't move the other one (in easy words: changing the start time does not change the end time and vice versa).

To change the location of the event within the view, just tap and hold your finger on the event and move it to the desired position within your agenda. If you made a change you don't like at all, you can also undo the last change. Therefore please hit the back-button at the top right.
To complete your changes and to leave the drag & drop mode just tap the tiny checkmark in the top left corner.

Hint: You can use the pinch to zoom functionality within the week view to magnify the content. If you zoom into the day the drag&drop functionality will snap into a much finer pattern.


Drag & copy mode

To use the new drag & copy mode you have to activate it in the Business Calendar 2 settings first. 
Please open the navigation drawer and hit  → Settings. Afterwards please go to  → Views  → Week and use the field  → Long press event starts. Here please choose drag & drop copy. After activating this feature you are ready to use the drag & drop functionality in week view to copy your events. When you enable the new drag & copy in the week view settings, you can copy your events with the long press and move them with a single tap when back in week and day views. This way you can actually use the both modes simultaneously.


Using Multi-selection

With this handy tool you can mark multiple events and tasks and apply actions to all of them at once. You can activate it via the drop down menu in the upper left corner. Once activated, you select the entries by tapping on them and choose an action you want to perform.

We described the functionality in more details here.

Working with tasks

Basically tasks are very similar to events. Therefore we decided to give them a similar priority in every view. Especially the week view contains a lot of features to handle events fast and easy. The good news is that they have been designed for tasks, too. Therefore processes like using the drag&drop mode or deleting tasks are the same as already mentioned in this article. Please remember that all-day tasks are presented all-day area, while tasks with a time are shown as a thin time box at the specified time of the day.

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