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Import & export of calendars

Import and export of calendars

Business Calendar 2 can be used to import an external iCal-file into a specific calendar. Additionally you can export one calendar or multiple calendars at once into a single iCal-file. The import/export is important, if you want to create a local backup of your appointments, i.e. internally on your device or by sending it to your computer.

1. Open Business Calendar 2 and pull out the navigation drawer from the left, click → Settings here

2. Click → Maintenance now

3. Firstly we will export a calendar, therefore please click → Export calendars

(If you want to import a calendar just jump to number #5)

Hint: If you have multiple calendars and want to keep them separate, please remember to export them one by one. Otherwise they will be merged into one file i.e. one calendar.

4. Here you can set the properties for your calendar export, i.e. one or multiple calendar(s), including attendees, storing the iCal-file to the device memory or sending it via mail. Complete the process by tapping Export at the bottom of the screen.

5. To import a calendar click → Import calendars in the maintenance-screen

6. Business Calendar 2 scans important and accessible places on internal storage for iCal-files. Import the chosen file by tapping the Import-button at the bottom of the page.

Hint 1: You may want to choose a different calendar before importing. Just click triangle icon to  on the drop down menu with the calendar selection.

Hint 2: If no existing calendar fits your iCal-file well, you can also create a new local one by setting a checkmark behind Create new calendar from import.

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