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Unrestricted Microsoft/Outlook sync (PRO)

Being a Microsoft user you’re probably well aware that Android sync functions cannot cover it all. This was the reason why we decided to develop our own sync with Microsoft/Outlook to provide you with the full functionality and unlimited calendar app experience.

Let’s break it down to the major functions:

1. Full and unrestricted calendar synchronisation. Here you will sync your calendar in its entirety. This means you are not restricted by the 10 devices sync limitation of Outlook, you will not be affected by the Android sync period limitation. Furthermore and more importantly you are able to use Outlook color categories*. This is the major functionality, which Android cannot provide!

2. You can now also sync your tasks with Microsoft To Do. Next to the Outlook categories* you can add priorities, series and subtasks as in your online calendar. Furthermore, you can set up colors and times and - even though this information cannot be interpreted by your Outlook online - we made sure you get to see this information in the Business Calendar on other devices.

3. You can use your One Drive to choose from and upload your attachments.

*When you use the search function you can even filter all views by categories!

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