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Using the Invite View

Are you often invited to the events? Or do you organize plenty of events yourself? If you happened to have problems managing such events, the → Invite View is a perfect solution for you.
The view gives you the possibility to see, filter and directly answer your meeting invitations. If you don’t know yet, how to use the attendee feature, please take a look here.

Managing invites

To access the view you will need to open the menu drawer in BC and click on the → Invites

This will open the view with all your invites listed and organised accordingly to the events’ date. The preview of the invites may be limited due to performance reasons, so if you want to load more of the past/future events, click on the buttons → Load events before/after

If you, however, want to view only specific event (like for example the events that were not accepted yet), you will need to click on the dropdown menu in the action bar.

In the expanding list you will see various categories, which will help you to sort the events with invites more sufficiently.

Nonetheless the sorting mode, you will see various events with its details. Even though you will be able to view the general information about the event like title, times, location etc., the main focus is set on attendees. Below the general information you will see the synchronized contact photos, which represent all participants of the event (please note that the preview in the free version is limited to 3 contacts).

Hint: In the picture, you can spot a little dot icon. It changes its color according to the status of the invitation:

white - unanswered
green - yes
yellow - maybe
red - no

As a part of the event information, you will see three buttons: Yes, Maybe and No. By clicking on either of them you will give an answer about your attendance to the organizer of this particular event. The email with the given response will be automatically sent by your email provider.

If you were invited to a series of events (like for example a lecture at a university), you can decide whether to answer to all events at once, to answer just that one particular event or to answer this and future events at once. This way you might be able to give different answers to the same event basing on its date of occurrence.

Left to the event details your see a small preview of the day. This way you can see where the event is placed during the day.

Hint: When you click once on the day map, you will open the proper → Day View in the app.

Editing events in the view

Apart from the management of the invites, the view gives you also the possibility to delete, move or edit those events.

To edit an event you can click on an event in question. The action will open the → Detail View, where you can click on the ‘pencil’ icon to edit the event.

Alternatively, you can long press the event,which will allow you use the standard edit, delete, move or copy functions. You will also activate the → Multi-selection this way.

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