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How can I sync my Google tasks with BC 2?

How can I sync my Google tasks with BC 2?

In order to sync your tasks on Google servers, you need to establish the connection via sync account. Please note, that the task sync works differently to the calendar sync and that is why you need to log in separately to sync your tasks. You can, however, do it directly from Business Calendar.

1. Go to  → Calendars & Task lists

2. Choose  → Task lists tab

3. Scroll down to  →  Log in with Google.

Please remember, that certain categories such as times, reminders etc. are not recognized by Google and therefore will not be synced over from one to the other device.

Hint 1: You can manually back the category up with the Import/Export Task Lists feature.

Hint 2: If you experience task sync problems, please re-log in with the affected account. It should trigger the task sync. Please remember, that all the locally saved and not synchronized data will be lost with the process, so don’t forget to back it up. You can also resolve here.

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