How can I add holidays to my calendar?

Right now you can add your national holidays to your Business Calendar! All
together you can choose between 56 countries. The citizens of Germany, Switzerland,
New Zealand, Spain and Australia can also choose between different regions of
their countries.

To add a holiday calendar, please go to  Calendars & Task lists section and a) add
the calendar directly from the calendar list or b) use the '+' button provided in the
upper right corner.

Please note that, you will see in your calendar only the strictly official, public
FYI: If you happen not to find a suitable holidays in our list or look for other special
calendars (for example lunar calendar), you will need to use other sources. To add
the national/religious holidays or other special calendars to your calendar, it may
be the best if you use a Google account for this. In your Google Web Calendar
click on the small grey arrow behind → Other calendars and choose → Browse
Interesting calendars
in the pop­up­ menu. On the following page you are able to
browse through and subscribe to special calendars. After the synchronization with
your mobile device you should be able to select this calendar for the preview of
the Business Calendar!

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